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Welcome Page Features

• Search the site by typing in one or more keywords. For best results, use quotes around specific words or phrases (e.g., “bridges”).
• Browse the site by selecting an item from the list.
• Quick Links takes you to specific pages related to myLearning and/or Continuing Education..
• Welcome displays your name and the myLearning welcome message.
• myCourses lists the courses you are enrolled in. Click Access to view the course or obtain more details on the course. Click View All myCourses if you have more than five active courses.

Catalog Page Features

• Catalog allows you to view and purchase courses.
• Refine Search allows you to search by keyword, title, or course description. For best results, use quotes around specific words or phrases (e.g., "bridges").
• Title allows you to click on Title to sort course names alphabetically.
• Credits lists the number of CEUs or PDHs awarded for each course.
• Product allows you to click on Product to sort selection by Product Type
• Location allows you to click on Location to sort by state/city.
• Dates allows you to click on Dates to sort/bring the more near dates to the top.
• View Cart allows you to confirm a purchase, or add or remove an item from your shopping cart.

myLearning Page Features

myCourses tab lists the courses you are enrolled in. Use it to track your progress, the amount of time you have spent in a course, your grade (if applicable), the date you purchased the item (Start Date), and the date it expires (End Date).
• View Details includes the description, detailed information (dates, location, credits) and key words for each course.
• Access the course allows you to view On-Demand courses, take exams, retrieve login information for live webinars, and obtain additional information on live events.

myTranscript tab is based on your completed courses.

• Access is available for all active courses. Expired items are listed but cannot be Accessed.
• Grade is shown for courses that require you to pass a test to earn continuing education credit.
• Credit displays the number of continuing education credits earned (CEUs* or PDHs).
• Certificates displays a PDF of your certificate for completed courses. You may download or print this PDF for your records.
• PDF of myTranscript allows you to download and save a copy of your transcript by clicking the PDF symbol located in the top right.

*CEUs are convertible to PDHs (.1 CEU = 1 PDH or 1.4 CEUs = 14 PDHs)

Technical Support

For content or questions on courses, contact

For technical support, contact